A lot of us need to prepare client reports on a regular basis and we use spreadsheets and word documents to copy/paste paragraphs and photos and send them to each client manually?Or you are someone who spends most of their time managing complex financial spreadsheets and producing pretty reports and graphs for management meetings or sending it to clients?Have you ever considered automating this tedious and repetitive task?With the growing trend of mobile and cloud computing we now have access to better tools and technologies to help us out with these repetitive and tedious tasks. There are many off the shelf products that integrate with your CRM as well as the accounting package and produce complex reports and graphs with a few clicks.Another option to consider would be to custom build a reporting tool that can extract information from multiple sources including your inventory system, staff timesheets and various financial spreadsheet and combine them all in one place and generate pretty reports and graphs with a few clicks.

The additional benefit of using a custom build tool would be that you would be able to share it between your staff and clients. You may want to build a custom dashboard for each client and give them access to login and see all their reports online. This will take away the need for sending large Excel, Word and PDF files via emails.

I know you would be asking yourself how much it is going to cost to build a custom reporting tool? Well, it is true that custom software development is not a cheap exercise, however if you calculate how many hours you or your staff spend each week/month, you will soon realise that investing in a customised solution will pay off its cost very quickly.

Some of the processes and reports that are ideal candidate for automation

1)      Inspections and Job completion reporting

2)      Financial reporting and spreadsheets

3)      Project and task status reporting


There is no doubt that client reporting is one of the most important aspect of our jobs, it is a tedious and repetitive task that needs to done on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. If you are looking at achieving best results in your business you should look at investing in an off the shelf product or building your own reporting tool.

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