Every small business has custom business processes in their day to day to job. In most cases these processes are manual and require staff to spend their valuable time on repetitive tasks. This includes keeping a list of customer and suppliers, manage inventory and stock levels, sending customer welcome and thank you emails and so on.

In some businesses staff perhaps help themselves out with Excel sheets to try and automise some of the work but this solution can only go so far. When multiple staff members need to get access to the Excel sheet and we have multiple copies of the same file, it becomes a process itself to manage the Excel file.

Also businesses with remote staff have very limited options available if they want to share and work with a distributed work force.

This is where custom software solutions become a must for a small businesses. It offers all staff members use of the same software for performing their tasks. It saves time by optimising the process and removing the duplication and repetitive tasks.

When considering a custom software solution the first thought is that it must be expensive. In fact when we look and compare the ongoing cost of staff time and loss of productivity with the cost of paying for an optimised custom software, we will clearly see a huge ROI (return on investment) benefit in custom software solution.

The custom software will not only help you optimise the current process but it will also give you intelligent reports and graphs to make informed business decisions. It also increases employee productivity, improves consistency and output quality, boosts employee morale and gives you an edge over your competitors.

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