It is estimated that 70% of the Australian population view their emails on their mobile. This indicates that the majority of us use our mobile devices for communication, collaboration, viewing contents and research.

Reach Millions

The recent change in consumer behaviour has flattened the playing level field for small businesses and corporates alike for reaching millions of users via the mobile platform.

Anywhere, Anytime

Our customers are no longer sitting at home watching TV and reading the newspaper, instead they are out and about, travelling, working from remote locations and demanding that their files and contents should go with them wherever they are.

It has become critical for service providers, enterprise and small businesses to empower their staff and make applications and contents available anywhere anytime via mobile platforms.

Remote Workforce

Imagine your sales team having access to all the tools and information while they are on the road or talking to customers face to face and they are be able to view the current stock levels, issue invoices and post an order right there and then?

If your mobile app is integrated with your backend system your staff can enter data and send updates instantly without them needing to send document attachments via emails. This improves efficiency and saves time and cost.

Advertising and Marketing

In today’s digital world we reach out to our customers via a number of social and online channels, most small businesses have already discovered the power of newsletters and email marketing, however there are only a few of us who take advantage of the mobile platform.

With email and digital marketing there is no guarantee that your customer will read the email newsletter or your blog or visit your page to see the updates. With the mobile platform it is guaranteed that your customer will get the updates as it is works in a similar fashion to getting your notification updates for What’s App or Skype.

Mobile platform has lot to offer and we have only just scratched the surface, there is huge potential for small businesses to utilise this platform and get the competitive advantage.

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