There were the days when small business didn’t need to have any online presence, a website or a facebook page, google+ or a twitter account.  But with growing consumer demand all traditional small businesses including coffee shops, hair dressers or accountants need to have decent presence on these channels. If the business is not presented well in the online market it is losing potential customers.We take our own example – we hear about a good restaurant and the first thing we do we hit Google and see what comes up, we look at the location, menu choice, prices and most importantly reviews and ratings by other customers.This shows that a small business with an online presence needs to make it a common practise to maintain their reputation, it is similar to a big sign board in front of the shop, if not present customers will walk right past and will not know about the business.The question is what are the simple things we can do to improve our presence online? The following few tips are not a complete marketing strategy but will be a good start:1. Google PlacesThe first thing one should consider is to register your business location with Google places. This will help customers find the business location on Google maps.

2. Social Media

If you haven’t already done it, you should consider creating all popular media accounts like facebook, google+, twitter and Linked in and create a page for your business, it is free and very easy to set up.

3. Back Links

If you have a website consider adding a blog section and post a blog at least once a week about a topic that interest your customers and copy that link to your all social media accounts.  Alternatively you can post it on your facebook page or Linked in page and tweet about it.

Most importantly, increase your social and professional network, your facebook friends, Linked in contacts and tweet followers.

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